For Newbees: Would I Bee a Good Beekeeper?

For Newbees: Would I Bee a Good Beekeeper?

Are you looking to get into beekeeping? All over social media, apiaries are advertising their bees, local market stores are showing their packaged honey products, and homesteading influencers are enticing you live their beekeeping lifestyle. Investing in beekeeping is a rewarding hobby. If you can handle being stung, have the correct land for it, and are ready to connect with other beekeepers, this may be for you.

The costs of beekeeping aren’t as high as its other hobby farm counter parts. Wheeler’s Bees makes it easy for new beekeepers to get started. You’ll need to start with a complete hive, bees, protective gear, a smoker, smoker fuel, a hive tool, a bee brush, and a honey extractor. Of course, as the seasons change, you will need to buy other supplies to keep your bees alive and healthy. Wheeler’s Bees offers a Start Kit for $144.00 (extractor sold separately). When you visit or store, one of our beekeepers will assist you with any questions you have about our Starter Kit and bee orders.

Bee stings even happen to the most experienced beekeepers. It is not unheard of to see a beekeeper who is allergic to bees. Although, you will see them wear all their protective gear. Beekeepers get stung by bees approximately 58 times per year.  Most people start out with a full suit, veil, and gloves. Some experienced beekeepers can read the energy of the bees, so they will only wear a bee jacket and gloves.

Before you bring your bees home, you need to decide on a good location for your hive and keep it in that spot. Bees do not like when their hive gets moved even an inch. Bees tend to like their hive facing southeast because they will get earlier sunlight. Having a wall of some sort to block the wind is a good idea. This could be bushes, a fence, a building, or a barn, etc. You want to avoid placing your hive in shaded areas and areas where water tends to build up. Although you don’t want your hive in a flood risk area, you do want some water within a block of your hive for hydration during the summer. If you are uncertain about your desired location, take a picture and ask one of Wheeler’s Bees beekeepers.

With beekeeping, comes a supportive and informative community. Before beginning your journey, note that there are groups, classes, and personal mentors out there for you. Beekeeping can be intimidating to start because techniques can differ by each beekeeper. Wheeler’s Bees recognizes this, and our experienced beekeepers will explain different approaches that other customers have done. Each year, the Northeast Indiana Beekeepers Association hosts a Beginner Beekeeping Class in Fort Wayne. This is extremely helpful for putting your hive together and gives newbees chances to ask questions to the instructors and make connections with other newbees.

Beekeeping is a rewarding and profitable hobby with an amazing community to turn to for advice. If you have the right land, dedication, and tough skin, then beekeeping may be for you.