Honeycomb Charcuterie Board

Honeycomb Charcuterie Board

Honeycomb Picnic Charcuterie Boards are perfect late summer days. This charcuterie board features the natural sweetness of Wheeler’s Bees Honeycomb, accompanied by an array of fun cheeses, cured meats, fresh fruits, nuts, and delicious crackers. Indulge your senses with this enticing and colorful treat, ideal for picnics in the flower gardens or intimate gatherings with your closest friends.


  1. Wheeler’s Bees Honeycomb
  2. Brie Cheese
  3. Goat Cheese with Herbs or Berries
  4. Rosy Hued Prosciutto
  5. Assorted Crackers
  6. Fresh Strawberries
  7. Sweet Raspberries
  8. Honey Glazed Almonds
  9. Honey Mustard (see our catalog for recipe)
  10. Serving Tray or Wood Cutting Board


  1. Cut the Brie cheese into small pieces (heart or butterfly shapes would ideal) and arrange them on one side of the board.
  2. Place the Goat cheese in a separate section.
  3. Roll the Prosciutto into delicate rose shapes and tuck them around the cheeses.
  4. In the center of the board, nestle the Wheeler’s Bees Honeycomb, in the center of the board as the main feature of the spread.
  5. Surround the honeycomb with an array of fun crackers.
  6. Scatter the fresh strawberries and sweet raspberries on the other side of the board, creating a whimsical design.
  7. Sprinkle the board with honey glazed almonds. These delightful treats add an perfect touch of crunch to the spread.
  8. Serve the honey mustard in a petite saucer or vintage tea cup.