It all started in 2013. Our daughter Ella had an interest in bugs and was getting ready to start 4-H the following year. James was looking for a family project that could get us involved in something. Having grown up in a wood shop, he thought that beekeeping would be a great way to incorporate both woodworking and the love for bugs. Isaac and James would build the boxes in the barn, and Ella and James would work in the hives.

They only needed to convince Abbey to join this plan. After a blind taste test distinguishing the difference between local honey and store-bought honey, she was in.

That year, we started with three hives and finished the year ten. Each year, we have been blessed and have continued to grow Wheeler’s Bees. We have added Corban and Boden into beekeeping operations. In 2015, we expanded our business and began selling bee supplies, as a service to our local bee association. Two years later, we started suppling bee packages and nucs.

We have enjoyed getting to know so many beekeepers through the years and have been fortunate to learn from our customers along the way.