Our woodenware is made with affordability in mind. Our in stock items can be custom remade to fit you apiary plan. Most of our wood-enware is made by “Beeline Wood-enware” in Mendon MI. Their moto is “Our saw cut Your price cuts”. We agree with this and strive to be competitive on our products.

Assemble: Beehives look very simple BUT some parts can be very complicated with lots of pieces and parts. We can help with this from assembly to paint. We can also provide assembly instructions so the job wont feel to big, There are some pieces that you will buy that we don’t offer unassembled. They are Telescoping Covers, Screened Bottom Boards and the some of the feeders.. Assembly needs at least a 24hr notice for pickup orders.

Painting: This will be done by the stack and spray method. The top outside faces will be painted but not the top and bottom edges. Our Paint is a outdoor Flat White Barn Latex. Painting can be done on most pieces with a 48hr notice prior to pickup 72hr is preferred for a dry pickup.

Help with bees: If I don’t know I will try and put you in touch with someone that does. Your first step needs to be taking a class. Your local Bee Association should have these available. Our Local chapter is NEIBA and can be found on the web at Once in contact with your local chapter they will be able to provide you information on their mentoring programs. Having a mentor is the most valuable resource for any beekeeper.